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Well, most of the money awarded consisted of punitive damages, solely meant to penalize the defendant. King's attorney, Joanne Foil, said that after finding out about the ongoing infidelity of his wife, Danielle Swords, his company lost revenue and an employee his wife. The pair eventually separated. King filed the suit on grounds of criminal conversation, alienation of affection, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and assault and battery.

Danielle Swords and Keith King. Swords and Huizar met at a bike show in , a little more than five years after she and her husband got married. Huizar, a Texas resident, was working at the event. In the following months, Huizar positioned himself near Swords when he could.

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He rented a room down the street from the King household. When King treated his wife to a spa day, Huizar joined her.

When King treated his wife to a trip for her birthday, he stayed in a nearby hotel, Foil said. King first noticed inappropriate texts between the pair. Later, Swords recorded video of an altercation between King and Huizar. Huizar allegedly put King in a chokehold after he became irate, which prompted the assault and battery charge.

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King provided call logs, hotel receipts and social media posts to the court as evidence. Huizar's attorney, Cheri Patrick, claimed her client did not break up their marriage because it was already in decline. In North Carolina, it is legal for a person to sue an individual his or her spouse has engaged with outside of the marriage, referred to as alienation of affection. Another charge brought against Huizar was criminal conversation, which refers to extramarital sexual acts.

I trust my husband; he and I share similar values, discuss what we are each OK with, and genuinely know each other on a deep and personal level.

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I trust that his moral compass will guide him correctly; if his stomach gets a pit in it, he feels a guilty twinge, or if he thinks his actions and feelings would cause me pain, then that is cheating to me. I know my husband would never physically cheat on me because he would be honest enough to end it first, so this really pertains to the emotional relationships. That can be such a tantalizing experience, connecting with someone else distantly removed from your day to day.

In my eyes, that is truly cheating.

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I could eventually forgive my partner for a physical affair but not for an emotional one. While a physical affair would be devastating and a breach of trust, the betrayal of an emotional affair for me is something you cannot come back from. My husband and I have been together for nearly 10 years; he gets to see a part of me that no one else does and understands me more than anyone else, largely because I feel comfortable enough to be that vulnerable with him.

The thought of that intimacy and vulnerability being breached is a betrayal far greater than physical intimacy. To me, sexual intimacy is the most romantically intimate you can be with another person.

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  5. Emotional intimacy outside of the relationship is disloyal, but in most instances, is not an equivalent to sexual intimacy. That said, there are alternatives to monogamy that work well for many people. The central component of every relationship is boundaries and the clear definition of them. This is no different for alternative relationships polyamory, etc.

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    Negotiating rules and defining boundaries are essential to every type of intimacy. Cheating is really more about secrecy than anything else: Keeping secrets from one another is where the trouble begins. Besides, I have a great relationship with my wife, so why on earth would I want to screw it up for a momentary joy ride? I think if I am hiding any kind of relationship from my spouse, it would be a slippery slope toward cheating. Why hide? Or at least micro-cheating , which is most likely going to lead to an affair.

    Texting, sexting, emailing, lunches, dinners, whatever. But personally, I find I can barely find time for my own spouse, and I struggle to think how I might find the time for a lover.

    Eight signs your partner is cheating on you

    Some suggest that flirting or having intimate conversations with someone else also crosses that line; we agree to a certain extent. For a couple to endure, it is essential for both members to be as honest as possible with each other. That said, having private conversations with other people, to us, does not necessarily count as cheating, but it is wholly inappropriate and unfair to the other party.