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Spy Text acts completely discreetly to forward all incoming and outgoing SMS messages to a pre-determined number and Spy Bug turns the Spy Phone into a listening device.


By calling the Spy Phone from a pre-determined number, when the Spy Phone is not on a call, the microphone will open up and allow the caller to listen in to what is going on around the phone. Placing these phones for room monitoring often gives rise to no suspicion. Commonly parents give them to their children as a safety. If a more sophisticated software package is required, then spy phone software packages can be created to install on a range of Nokia phones. Home A great selection of resources available from one of the UKs No. Spy Mobile Phone Software View a wide range of spy mobile phone surveillance software solutions.

Classic Landline Recorders Classic landline recorders to keep track of who your family or workers are calling, record offensive phone calls, and protect Professional Landline Recorders If you're a private investigator or a business owner, our professional landline recorders are for you. Spy Phone Accessories Spy phone accessories are useful for anyone who owns a spy phone and is looking to expand its capabilities.

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Landline Recorder Accessories Landline recorder accessories are perfect whether you need to replace parts on your existing landline recorder or want to improve But smartphone surveillance goes beyond mysterious spooks listening in to suspicious characters; it's an entire industry, and has some very high-tech gadgetry at its disposal.

No, you're not crazy if you think your phone is listening to you to serve you ads.

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An app released in , SilverPush, got into a whole heap of trouble when it started to do something new: Produce inaudible tones that meant ads on computers and phones could "hear" one another and communicate across devices. Privacy expert Violet Blue explained the technology at Engadget:.

The result?

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Ads that target you turning up on devices that are completely unconnected from one another, leaving you completely paranoid if you don't know what's going on. SilverPush, after a furor among privacy advocates , promised to remove this Audio Beacon function from its devices after a Federal Trade Commission investigation, but a German study in May found that there were Android apps currently available that have the same technology embedded in them.

The top five most popular, including a Krispy Kreme app , have been downloaded up to 11 million times. Many apps don't make it obvious that this is part of their make-up, for obvious reasons. The BBC investigated the possibility of ads turning up in response to vocal prompts you saying something near your phone , and found that it's entirely possible, because if apps include "record audio" permissions and users don't notice that in the fine print, they're technically allowing them to use their smartphone audio.

Google and Facebook have both denied that either of their apps use this functionality. If you're worried, make sure you review the permissions very carefully on every new app on your phone, and watch for new developments; an app was developed in that attempts to block ultrasonic communications on your smartphone that happen without your knowledge, and better protections may well be on the way.

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Companies trying to serve ads are one thing, but it's also entirely possible, in today's marketplace, to get ahold of technology that allows you to monitor the communications of another individual's smartphone. Most of these apps are marketed as parental tools to monitor children , or as products for company phones to improve the productivity of workers. From a legal perspective, all are meant to be visible to the owners of the phones, so that they know that they're being watched.

However, there are other possibilities for less scrupulous people to spy on others using their smartphones, and they should worry any smartphone user. It does require access to the other person's phone to install it, but once it's there, it runs quietly — and copies all text messages and phone calls, sees the phone's GPS location, monitors all emails and social media visits, and can take a photo using the phone's camera.


It can even listen to the phone's surroundings and record what it hears. The implications for this sort of spyware are legion, but one particular problem is its usage by abusive partners and spouses. Spyware can be used to covertly or explicitly control people, monitor their movements, and harass them. With the added ability to see all internet use such as history, sites visited and internet logs, these listening devices have become the number one detective tool for finding out if your loved one or employee or whoever is telling the truth about their activities.

The apps that can do all this detective work for you are very simple to use.

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Essentially to download the app from online onto the phone and you are given a token or key to a secure online site from where you can monitor all of the above phone activities in your own time and in stunning detail. And all of this for less than the price of a meal out per month.

source link There are a number of these apps on the market purporting to be the be all and end-all of cell phone listening devices but only a small number are worthy of their claims and actually support the purchaser through excellent customer support and service. And almost all of them will lead you up the garden path with unfounded promises or unrealistic claims.

Beware the unscrupulous online dealers who will try to sell you sub-standard apps that will do next to nothing when it comes to clever snooping and just leave you with a dent in your wallet and no recourse as they are just Mickey Mouse companies that come and go on the web.

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